• Create Your Own Plate: Nutrition Guidelines

    Nutrition guidelines to follow to create a healthy and great tasting plate!

  • Evaluation of Hearing Loss

    Chronic exposure to loud noises and hereditary factors are the most common reasons why we lose our hearing. Get the facts about hearing loss and what you can do to prevent losing your hearing! PRESENTED BY EAR WORKS AUDIOLOGY, P.C.

  • Exercise as Medicine for the Heart

    Regular physical activity will reduce the risk of developing future heart disease. Find out how you can exercise your way to a healthy heart!

  • Grilling Up Healthy Summer Meals

    With plenty of warm evenings and sunny weekends ahead, take the time to heat up the BBQ and grill some healthy and delicious meals!

  • Maintaining Your Goals and Decreasing Stress

    Choosing small, realistic, and attainable goals as well as adaptation of stress management techniques is the best approach to managing stress! Learn more tips to beat stress and live a more relaxed life!

  • The Importance of Hand Washing

    "Wash your hands!" How many times have you heard that from your parents? Find out why hand washing is so important to staying healthy! PRESENTED BY CLEAN ALL MAINTENANCE

  • Tips for a Safe Prom Night

    Your teen is probably excited about his/her upcoming prom, which is leaving you racked with nerves. Get advice on how to talk to your teen and ensure his/her prom night is safe!