What You Need to Know About Acupuncture

Can acupuncture help me? Find out!

Acupuncture can treat a variety of illness and disease states. One example is arthritis, an inflammatory condition quite prevalent in the baby boomer generation. Acupuncture can be helpful in giving relief to many arthritis sufferers. How does this work? Most practitioners of acupuncture answer this question using “Eastern Concepts” of energy flow or “chi,” which [...]

Summer Skin Safety: Preventing Melanoma

Tips for summer skin safety - preventing melanoma

Melanoma is a cancer that originates in melanocytes of the skin. The incidence of Melanoma has recently gone up. Reasons for this increase include depletion of the ozone layer and tanning bed use. If caught early this cancer has a cure rate of over 90%. Up to one-fifth of patients diagnosed late will die. This [...]

Grilling Up Healthy Summer Meals

healthy grilling for summer

With plenty of warm evenings and sunny weekends ahead, take the time to heat up the BBQ and grill some healthy and delicious meals.  Keep these healthy grilling tips in mind when preparing your summer favorites. Stay Lean: Choose protein sources that are lower in saturated fat such as lean cuts of beef (labeled “loin,” [...]

Avoid Kidney Stones This Summer

Stay hydrated to prevent kidney stones this summer

The summer season brings with it an increased risk of kidney stones. Kidney stones are composed of salts and minerals that normally stay dissolved in the urine. However, when these salts are present in excessive amounts, they can form crystals and eventually become large enough to form stones. Once formed, the stones may stay in [...]

Could Chocolate Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack?

Daily dose of dark chocolate could prevent cardiac episodes

A new study in the British Medical Journal published May 31st, 2012 finds that the daily consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack in high-risk patients. Researchers studied over 2,000 people with hypertension and metabolic syndrome and found that daily consumption of about 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate over [...]