World Sight Day: Why See an Eye Doctor?

World Sight Day: Why See an Eye Doctor?

My eyes are just fine, then why should I see an eye doctor? Eye conditions, much like many general health related issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are often silent in their early stages.  Just like we rely on routine physicals to evaluate our general health, we need complete eye examinations to [...]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Tips For Conducting Self-Exams

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the perfect opportunity for women to brush up on breast exam basics. Self-exams are a simple, easy-to-perform tool in an effort to detect breast cancer – and it’s free! Find out about the importance of self breast exams, along with tips on effectively conducting one, in this informative video!

Flu Vaccine: What You Need to Know

Flu Vaccine

The best way to treat the nightmarish flu is to prevent it with a Flu Shot! Vaccination should begin as soon as possible and should not be delayed. All people 6 months and older are now recommended to receive an influenza vaccination each year. The 2012-2013 flu vaccine will protect against three different flu viruses: [...]

Don’t Let Fall Allergies Get You Down

Fall Allergies

The leaves are changing colors and temperatures are dropping, that means you’re undoubtedly suffering from seasonal allergies! While avoidance therapy may control allergy symptoms, many allergy sufferers will require treatment. There are two types of allergy treatment: Medication (that is self-administered) and Allergy Injection Therapy. There are several medications available to help manage allergy symptoms. Allergy medications [...]

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Avoid the flu this flu season!

Summer is over and the temperature is slowly starting to drop, don’t look now but flu season is just around the corner. Find out how you can stay healthy this flu season and avoid the illness altogether by getting a flu shot!

The Healthy Lunchbox: Back to School Nutrition Tips

The Healthy Lunchbox: Nutrition Tips for Back to School

With the warm summer days behind us, it’s time to think about nutritious, fun, and delicious lunches to pack for your kids.  Sound like an overwhelming task?  Not anymore!  Here are some quick and easy tips and simple recipes to help you give your kids the nutrition they need to boost their energy and brainpower. [...]

Getting Your Kids’ Feet in Back-to-School Shape

Prevent and treat foot pain to get your kids active!

The summer has flown by and once again thoughts are turning to school and to the children going back into regular shoes. This is a good time for parents to evaluate the children’s foot care needs and to try to prevent problems from developing. Warts are hard and painful lesions which usually appear on the [...]

Is the Mind/Body Connection Real?

Is the Mind/Body Connection real?

Do your thoughts and attitude have power over your physical health? Learn about the often fabled Mind/Body Connection from Dr. Brian Hainline in this video blog and find out for yourself!

Tips for Preventing and Treating Airplane Ear

Preventing and Treating Airplane Ear

Many of us have experienced Airplane Ear, also called barotrauma, during air travel. Airplane ear is caused by an imbalance in the air pressure in the middle ear space and the air pressure in the environment. Most people experience airplane ear during take-off when the plane is ascending quickly, or during landing when the plane [...]

Physician FAQ: “Do I Have Arthritis?”

arthritis hands

“Do I have arthritis?” This is the single most common question posed to a rheumatologist at a patient’s initial office visit. Usually they have been referred from their primary care physician for joint pain with abnormal laboratory studies suggesting an autoimmune condition. Autoimmune literally means an immune response against one’s own tissues. Arthritis is one [...]