Keep Your Spring Sneeze-Free!

Learn about spring allergy treatment options so you can enjoy the outdoors!

Spring is in full swing, that means many are sniffling and sneezing and undoubtedly suffering from seasonal allergies! While avoidance therapy may control allergy symptoms, many allergy sufferers will require treatment. There are two types of allergy treatment: Medication (that is self-administered) and Allergy Injection Therapy. There are several medications available to help manage allergy [...]

De-Stress During April, Stress Awareness Month

April is National Foot Health Month

Tips for Healthy Summer Feet

The American Podiatric Medical Association has named April National Foot Health Month, a time to brush up on tips to keep your feet in great shape! Here are some simple measures that anyone can do to have healthy feet and prevent foot problems: Check your feet daily for cuts, cracks, blisters, sores, swelling, redness or [...]